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i want a specefic reply from mr george as to how he removed the husk. in delhi the groccers deny a husk free jau

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The Husk Free Jau available at Mathura , Price Rs.30/- per Kg., I will help you in this regard. mahesh Khandelwal, vrindaban , Cell - 09837022973

I have read the original research paper of George, where there is no mention of de-husking. I always thought that George recommended whole broken long wheat (samba wheat).

Pl. don't confuse Jau with Long Wheat. Jau is not long wheat. That is barley. The Long Wheat is Wheat (Sambha).

Till recently, I have been taking jau thinking that it is Long Wheat. But,my sugar level increased and I contacted somebody who has told me the right thing,



Hi, jau is not longwheat . Long wheat cost around 80/perkg in Bangalore.


My Net connection is approaching data transfer limit for this month; so I am a bit cautious on usage this week - till 01 Dec :-) .

In my place Long Wheat, Common Wheat as well as Barley are available in shops WITHOUT HUSK ONLY. Please see the photograph at healthunlocked.com/diabetes... Long Wheat, Barley & Ordinary (common) wheat together. I WAS NOT EVEN AWARE THAT THOSE ARE SOLD WITH HUSK ALSO!