hazards of diabetes

My mother who was 85 when she passed away in september last year. She was a chronic diabetic and suffered the loss of both her legs. She lived for 8 years after the loss of her two limbs mainly because of five reasons:

- She had tremendous will power.

- Her efforts at living a normal life were 110%.

- The most positive person I have ever seen.

- Her extreme faith in God. She was a great devotee of Mother Mary

- She loved to have people around her.

Inspite of all these strengths her weakness for sweet dishes was unparralleled. It was a herculean task keeping her away from sweets. She went through extremely difficult times when parts of her leg were removed in stages.

Having said all this, I must say that she was an inspiration to all of us and continues to be so . She taught us how to overcome the most critical moments in life. May God bless her where ever she is.

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  • May God give her peace.But for us there is a lesson to be learnt.Control over food is fundamental in diabetes management.

  • May your mother's soul rest in peace. It is sad but at the same time fulfilling to have lived with such a mother.

    As regards management of diabetes is concerned, control over the quantity of food taken each time matters to a large extent. Initially it may be a tough proposition for some but given a try with determination one can over come and keep diabetes under check.

  • you are absolutely right. After my experience with my mother i have been very careful with my diet control. I was and am a chocoholic and i used to get the best of chocolates from my sons abroad. I have stopped my chocolates now and have the sugar free chocolates once in a way.

  • may god give u strength & peace to soul of your mother, but u have to take special care of You as diabetes runs in families ,if u want to know the risk of diabetes in yourself & as well as the age on which u are more at risk - visit- grass-diabetes.com/#&panel1-2 having its unique feature of genetic risk scoring system.

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