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Symptoms of Type I diabetes mellitus---

Polyuria: Urinating frequently and in large amounts

Polydipsia: An unusual thirst because of frequent urination

Polyphagia: This is feeling of extreme hunger that stems from the body's belief that it is starving because glucose is not reaching its cells to provide desperately needed energy.

Rapid Weight Loss: Most patients are at or below their ideal weight. When it begins, they may suddenly lose more weight.

Weakness: Since muscle cells are not receiving their usual fuel, energy flags.

Irritability: In youngsters, crankiness, confusion or excessive crying may warn of impending illness.

Nausea and/or Vomiting These symptoms may precede keto-acidosis .

Blurred Vision: Excess glucose may be seeping into the eye, changing the shape of the lens. Difficulty in focusing or changes in eyesight from one day to the next—such as from nearsighted to normal vision—are other visual cues for possible a diabetic problem.

Symptoms of TYPE II diabetes mellitus

•Any of Type I symptoms

•Tingling or numbness in legs, feet, or fingers or you may have a burning sensation/ heightened sensitivity in these extremities or on other spots on your skin.

•Leg cramps, may appear or worsen only at night.

•Frequent infections because diabetes weakens the body's defenses

•Itching of skin or genitals because of underlying infection or dehydration

•Slow healing of cuts and bruises because the problem affects how cells use the nutrients obtained from food, the body may have difficulty repairing damaged tissue.

•Hyperglycemia, or escalated blood sugar levels

Make sure to have your blood sugar level checked yearly, at the very least, and more frequently if there are manifestations of any of the symptoms above.

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