Get rid of swelling in two Rupees_without medicine

Sometimes we get swellings in our legs/knees/ankles due to various reasons,like sitting somewhere for quite a long time dangling our legs,travelling in bus for long time or due to accident/dislocation etc.When you go to a doctor he will give you a long list of tests to be carried out like doppler,blood test for clotting etc. And then take analgesics.diclofenac etc.But there is a simple way to get rid of swellings,purchase a lump of SENDHA NAMAK(rock salt) about the size of fist.It may not cost more than two rupees.Rub this lump of salt on your swelling gently for about five minutes.Do this for two or three times in a day or if not at least in the morning and once BEFORE going to bed. Within couple of days there will be no swelling.There is no side effect because you are not eating anything/This lump of Sendha Namak can be kept safe and can be used for many years.How is it?


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  • i will try it next time

  • Thanks Dear,

    For the last two years I am having a bit of pain at my left ankle. Though I was ignoring the pain, but it was increasing day-by-day and now a days my ankle get swelled & painful as I put my foot on ground and try to stand up. I got X-ray to find whether there is any bone deforms but nothing of such. Still at one particular point I get very painful to touch. I'll definitely follow your good suggestion. Thanks.

  • Low sododium salt Lona salyt available in drug stores and also in Indian medical shops.

  • send me details please

  • sir,

    we dont get water to fil the bath tub thenwhat should we do

  • sir,As I have suggested,why do' nt use Sendha namak where you do not need water at all. I have used it myself after I met with a motor cycle accident and there was swellings in my ankle and toes.I got rid of swelling in five days without taking medicine.

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