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Hello i'm new here so hi everyone

would like to know if you can do any exercise with high blood pressure

because some exercises make me feel light headed and short of breath.

thank you ;]

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Hello. In my opinion go for walk, brisk walk, aerobics, cycling. Avoid weight lifting. Walking will definitely helps you. Try to go outdoors for walk. It will help to make your mood better also. Good luck.

Exercise is very important to control BP try and do a 20 minute ( minimum) brisk way every day

and you will feel much better in yourself.

Start off at a comfortable pace, and build up slowly to a brisk steady pace, until your body adjusts to exercise.

I do about 1 hour very brisk walk most days and have done so for the past 8 years and I am convinced it keeps my BP under control.

All the best

BP lower by walking 20 minutes per day or more 😊, take a walk as much as you can....moving=health

Hello alyapril The best exercise is walking. Use your local park. Where i live we have a local park whereby there are a lot of people walking especialy in the mornings. One round in this park it is 1/4 a mile and i walk a minimum of 4 round to 6 rounds every morning before I go to work. The reward is enormously good. If unable to walk in the morning. What about in the evenings or weekends or whenever you can. Try this. If you feel light headed find a walking partner. All the best.

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