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Type 2 Hospital Admission

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Hi, I'm new on here. My husband was admitted to hospital on Friday with very high blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides, and has been on insulin drip since then. He's not previously diabetic.

We don't seem to be getting much information but I am getting the impression they think the blood sugar isn't reducing as it should and they are now talking about liver issues. How long do these admissions usually last and what questions should we be asking to get more information from the medical team?

Many thanks

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I hope the situation has improved FlakeyDove1.

Hi I understood the condition currently for emergency you should go with the doctors. once the conditions stable you should go for herbal supplements. which cure the root cause of the issues. this supplements are not medicines they are essential vitamins, protein, minerals and essential amino acids. these are really very good supplements. you can see the results with in a month. If you need more info you can contact me 9986996171.

You should have your Dr to refer you to a diabetes specialist. I have one and they are more thorough than a family Dr on diabetes and other related issues with diabetes.

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