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Gastroparesis, first time posting

I read this community often but this is the first time that I have posted. I was diagnosed two months ago after suffering for the last year with severe bloating and nausea. I started loosing weight about 18 months ago and just almost stopped eating because I became so uncomfortable. I am 5' 1" and weighed 130 pounds. I have lost 17 pounds now and cannot eat hardly anything. I am type II diabetes but have never had an trouble with diabetes, since I watch my diet and I also exercise. My gastro doctor did an MRI and Cat scan which did not show anything, he then did a gastric empting study and that is where he found the problem. My food was still in my stomach after 2 1/2 hours and had not moved. I am now taking Zigarid and Bentyl, which I do not see is helping a lot. I am eating soft food and drinking Ensure, a little at a time. I am still very uncomfortable and nauseaous a lot of the time. The doctor says it is not reversible and will only get worse. I am so frustrated with this, it really messes with your mental state. I am still loosing weight, every two or three days, I am half a pound lighter. I have a lot of pain in my ribs and back. My cardio doctor says everything is fine with my heart. If anyone has any suggestions for me I would appreciate it.

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I understand uncontrolled diabetics usually have this.Have you checked your diabetes?Y You can consult your doctor.


My diabetes is well controlled with diet and exercise. My A1c never goes over 6.5. I really wonder if I even have diabetes. My glucose went to 140 one time on a blood test and he labeled me a diabetic, but it has never been that high since. It is always below 100. Does anyone know if any kind of trauma to your body can cause this. I was running and fell two years ago and broke my left arm below the elbow and the right wrist, bad breaks and in casts for a while. Also a gash over my left eye and a dent in my skull. This was on concrete and flat on my face. I have read on different websites, WebMD and Mayo Clinic and others that it was thought that it was possible that it could be caused by trauma. But my doctor says no, that it is not caused by that kind of trauma, but it does seem possible to me.


I agree with rvmasalvad. Is your diabetes under proper control?


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