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Hi I am 28 years old last year i had been diagnosed with type 2 at that time my fasting sugar levels are FB:282 and PB:340 I have been using Glitaray mp2 tablet .I have used this tablet for 7 months .During using of this medicine Blood sugars FB and PB are normal.Now for 3 months I have not using this medicine but My blood sugar levesl are both FB and PB are normal.and my HBA1C is 6.8 So Can I give up this medicine

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The decision is yours of course. It is your body. No doubt the medical establishment will say you must resume and continue with your medications. Personally i would give them up but keep a keep a very close check on my blood sugar levels. If there were any indications (apart from an odd blip) that they are rising again then I would resume the medication and ask for another check-up.


I agree with happydodderer. How are you keeping your levels low/normal - have you changed your eating habits? If you have and you maintain these levels then that is great. Diabetes is not a nice disease and sometimes the side effects only show when it's too late, but I do believe it is possible to reverse type 2 with diet alone. See if you can access some research studies on Diet and Diabetes or similar try Google Scholar or if you have access to a great library that has current medical journals.

Good luck and keep up the good work!


Correction : symptoms not "side effects" sorry!


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