endrocinology i prob gottit WRONG SORRY

hi folks, thanks for invite, any info would be great, kinda in limbo here. kicked outta hospital with no answers 4 weeks back, told not to drive and take a sandwich b4 bedtime and hope for the best.

still no word on a followup appointment.

bad enough i cant drive but im scared to go to sleep!

aint no sign of appointment within 10 weeks after numerous calls......

last one today sais call local doc, see if he can hurry it up?

thanks for your time folks, even just listening, ps, i see theres a "add photo" thingy!

trust me, they dont want one of me onna site where folks gotta eat more lol, jim

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  • Make sure you know what's happening inside your body. Check your blood sugar before you eat the sandwich, then again first thing in the morning. Report them here if you like. Within a couple of days you should no longer be scared to sleep.

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