Dapaglifozin-the wonder drug

Tried everything, still on the metformin but offered dapaglifozin 6 months ago. Omg!!! Weight down approx 20lbs. But more importantly bloods changed from 100 to 65. Ok still not where it should be but getting there. This drug is unbelievable . The side effects are so scary I eat little sugar and really watch my carbs. I don't want bladder infections etc. So the weight came off by diet and fear, not just the pills doing the work. It was a last resort before being offered insulin. Any one know how long I can stay on this amazingly brilliant but scary drug ?

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  • Hi yes u can stay on that drug as long as u want I'm on the same one at 10 mgs per day

  • hearing about it for the first time,

  • Does one get these tablets in Tanzania? for I tried to go to pharmacies but not available.

  • From my doctor :)

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