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Hi all,went inti hospital on friday for emergency laser for heammoage in the left eye. Long and short of the story is i have no sight at all now in the left eye. The consultant has advised me that is very rare and she has never had it happen to as a consultant, its just a rare accident. I have before this been registered severely / blind so my sight wasnt good anyway so now ihave one eye and even then its not great. Im at my witts end and feel so vulnerabili and not sure where my life is going . My husband is a true rock but he is mentally drained. How do ii deal with life.oSorry for rambling on..x

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  • I am so so sorry, I can't imagine what you are going through, ((((hugs))))

  • Just be as you are enjoy life to its fullest make everyone happy around you. You are still lucky to have one eye functioning, think about the blind, they also enjoy. Just try to put you problems at the back and make your surrounding good with smile and attitude jovial and bubbly. You must die as a person being remembered as jovial and bubbly with problem solving ability for the persons around you. Least be you remembered as person always sad/bogged by her own problems.....I hope you understand. Life is precious enjoy it and make every one feel good around you and not sorryyyyyyyy.

  • You can take fresh juice of Indian gooseberry ( called amla in Hindi) every day in morning to improve you eyesight or eat fresh amla fruits if you can with/without salt.

    you can also try marijuana tea if possible (marijuana fresh leaves one or two at max in milk without sugar of course).

  • I'm diabetic,my A1C is 11.8.Been to eye doctor,have blood vessels leaking in my eyes.Having difficulty seeing.Scared I'm going to loose my vision.

  • Wondering about if I need laser surgery soon.So sorry to hear.

  • Am new to this sight,community.

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