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How do I check my accucheck aviva-nano monitor is accurate -

I had a reading of 3.9 from a BG test at my GP surgery, and I felt well and had eaten breakfast about an hour and a half before. So I have been checking my levels at home and get about 4.4 first thing. Even when I feel really jittery and BG is too low to sleep it is always above 4. Must be the monitor? Thanks in advance

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I perceive that often home monitoring gives slightly higher level. Secondly, if your machine has been fed with old code, it will give higher reading. You need to investigate. efar52@gmail.com


Try contacting Roche Customer Services on 0800 701 000 (UK) and ask if they can send you some control solution to check your meter is giving accurate readings. It's easy to use and instructions are included. They don't charge for sending it out to you either. Had to do this for hubby's new meter as it was giving wonky readings but the solution confirmed it was him that was wonky, not the meter :P


What does the doctor want you to be running at before bed or when you wake up? What do you eat before bed for a snack? This also may have something to do with the odd numbers. If not, you may have to get a new battery for the monitor. See if you can get one for free from the company.


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