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How to reduce Gum Disease - Advice needed

I am new and this is my first post

I have been told from my dentist/hygienist for a while now that i am getting gum disease or already have it. They have been advising me to floss, which i definitely have been doing albeit maybe not in the best of manners. However this does not seem to be having any affect so i am wondering if there is something i am not doing right. I do tend to eat fruit during working days every morning, and i am wondering if this might be contributing to my current situation. Please advise what else i can do and does fruit have an impact on my gums

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Gum disease is caused by plaque. Smoking can also be a factor. If you are diabetic this can make you prone to problems with your gums. But good plaque control is the key. Has your hygienist shown you how to brush and floss correctly? Floss needs to be taken right underneath the gum. Ignore any bleeding. Oral B Glide floss picks make flossing much easier. Also electric toothbrushes can help. Oral B ones are good and you dont need to spend loads on it. You can pick one up for £20-30 that will do the job. Make sure you brush up to the gumline.


Hi, I have been flossing and I do use an electronic brush but my gums still appear to be deteriorating, this is why I am confused. Please advise


Maybe see your hygienist. She should show you how to brush and floss correctly. Doesn't matter how many times a day you brush, it's the technique that matters. Same goes for flossing. Maybe use interdental brushes rather than floss but again you would need to be advised on the correct size.

You may need deep cleaning or a referral to a periodontist (gum specialist) Its difficult to give correct advice without seeing your mouth and radiographs. Treatment is tailored to how advanced your gum disease is. But I would strongly advise you visit your dentist if it is still deteriorating.

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