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Am I getting correct treatment?

I was told I had gum disease two years ago, which has led to some bone loss, recession and spacing in my teeth. All my dentist does is clean twice a year. I'm unsure this is the best option but when I've asked questions, he just said nothing can be done unless the teeth are lose and on the verge of coming out. I thought that was odd because I don't particularly want to get to that stage. I made several changes like buying an electric toothbrush, changed toothpaste and improved my flossing. I keep a bottle Corsodyl because my teeth still bleed sometimes. Between the two yearly visits, the affected area was swollen and saw another dentist at my practice who prescribed antibiotics and said two cleanings a year isn't enough. Last time I had a swelling in the same area, my usual dentist just said "oh it's inflamed, it'll go away". Putting it all together with what the other dentists said, should I consider getting another opinion? I've grown really worried recently because a colleague of mine had a similar experience and ended up having 2 teeth removed.

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Sounds like you may need some deep cleaning and a possible referral to a periodontist (gum specialist). Why wait until your teeth are loose before treating them? Seems strange to me!Also don't rely on Corsodyl as it will mask underlying problems by stopping the bleeding but not much else.

You should then probably have a clean every 3 months.

Maybe have a think about seeing a different dentist.


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