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Not happy with doctor or the surgery

Hi all. I am wondering if anyone may be able to offer me some advice. When I moved I signed up with my local Dr surgery, I was appointed a Dr and thought all was ok but then he just couldn't be bothered was never interested in what I had to say anyway I was contemplating asking for another Dr when I received a letter saying I had been transferred to another one odd but was fine with it. I went to see my new Dr and thought she was really good listened to what I had to say etc. Then as if someone had turned a light on she changed. I suffer with Anxiety and have bouts of Depression I also have Fibromyalgia Arthritis, Hypermobile joints and anther blood disorder. I walk with crutches struggle to walk have days when I can hardly move etc etc. I am meant to have my bloods checked every 3 months (was told this by the Dr at another hospital) And they were only checked once in the year and when I asked my Dr to help me with renewing my blue badge she said there was nothing wrong with me that exercise won't cure WHAT now I do not want to see her or attended that surgery but how do I go about getting another surgery out of my area to accept me. I am so worried advice please

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Hi Elaine, ask to speak to the manager of the practice (if you have one ) and raise your concerns.

You should be able to continue recommended treatment no matter who your dentist is.

Good luck !

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Is this your GP surgery or dentists surgery? If its your dentist surgery they can't help with your blue badge you need to ask your GP. If it is your GP surgery then ask to speak to the manager or you could try PALS (patient advice and liason service) if speaking/writing to manager doesn't help.

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