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Aging Without Anxiety

I am 60 years old and I would like to know if there are others who have, or have had extreme anxiety about the loss of the first adult tooth, in the smile line? I have never had a broken bone, nor have I ever lost a tooth, other than the wisdom teeth. I think that if I had experienced either of those, I would have a good frame of reference. Or not be so afraid.

I have kept my tooth in for five months now, past the Dentist recommendation for extraction.

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I am fifty and have hereditry problems, the dentist was umming about doing an extraction, and initially it did not phase me until I realised my smile would change (I have a front of house job). Luckily he feels I am ok for now, but will opt for falsies is affordable


Thanks for your comments. I lost it, yesterday in the sink and painlessly. I have to go 3months before the Dentist will replace it, I don't know how, yet.


Thank god for WATERPIK. :)



You mention Waterpik. Can you give me some advice on the model you have and how helpful it is. Just been diagnosed with chronic gum disease (and possibly ANUG) so need to try and get rid of bacteria.




It has been almost a month since I lost my tooth painlessly in the sink. I am fine with that and I don't want to smile and cover it up! I am not as "self conscious " as I thought. The pleasure in life is to share a smile and laugh. I accept that youth and beauty fade. I am just happy to be alive and THAT is worth my smile.


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