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New here and need some help


My name is Matt and I have been moderatly-severly deaf since the age of 3 (15 now). I have had multiple surgeries to correct my hearing including Gromets and t-tubes over the last few years and it has only had a temporary effect. And over the more recent years, the bone conductivity in my ear has also been decreasing. Because of the amout of suegeries i have had on my ears, and to amount of scar tissue has built up on my ears, my surgen has said that he will do no more. Now, I know there is surgery that can correct the otosclorosis however, I was wondering if it is possible to do this surgety without involving my ear drum.

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Should mention that this is in both ears and i wear hearing aids


Hi there, sorry you have not had any helpful replies, i would think only your surgeon could answer that. I do hope you get sorted though, good luck

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Hey Matt perhaps if you send a message to glynis


this is her profile link

Pretty much knows everything i am sure you will get a reply with some informative info, just a thought for you as you seem to have few replies more so as it does seem a more speciailist situation. I wish i could offer an answer but personally i suffer from Tinitus general but hey perhaps if you send a message to glynis she will kindly help you out and i am sure glynis wont mind me saying this best Dean


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