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Clicking and popping ears?

I have a new partner, she is 57 and tells me of her hearing problems.

I want to help her. She tells me she gets "clicking" sound in her ear occasionally. Also ears are popping with changes in pressure when we've been out driving. My ears were ok.

She also tells me of bought of terrible earache when a child.

It appears it's the higher frequencies that are lost.

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I'm an audiologist, so I can give you some help. Popping in ears suggests either wax or middle ear fluid.

If she cannot hear high frequencies this is likely also the start of an age related loss which is permanent. Can be made worse by a lot of other factors, one of which is past infections.

Go and see GP who should check ears for wax and infection and can directly refer to and audiologist ( to evaluate hearing aid crier is) seeing as age is 55 or over. They will then perform hearing test and if problems show up on testing they should write back to GP suggesting ENT appointment.

An ENT appointment from GP will take months, audiology much quicker if 55 or over, but she would qualify if asked several key questions (to decide whether ENT required instead).

I hope this helps!


Thanx Kat, we can't talk about it at the moment she gets upset.

When I showed her the possible reason for popping she said it wasn't bad enough to consider surgery.

Going to be difficult to get her to see GO. She's only ever been to Boots who sold her an expensive hearing aid which she doesn't use, says it makes All noises too loud.

All I know is she had some bad ear infections a number of times as a child and as an adult like loud Rock music, live bands like Black Sabboth.

She is of the opinion that nothing can be done.

Sometimes she amazes me, can hear as good as me when in a noisy pub with music and shouting to each other. Then when in a quiet cafe I tried to get her attention when 2 metres away by calling her name and louder and louder but she didn't respond, that's odd?

How can I coax her to seek some investigation?



Hi my son has had ear problems since he was born . And I just found out he has some called sensori neural deafness in both of ears. They have given him hearing aid . The hospital have told me me his hearing will not get better they saying it is permanent . My son is ten year old is there anything I can do to help my son hearing . Is there any opration that can fix this I feel like I let my son down cos all the doctors are tell me there nothing they can do but give him. The hearing aids


Hello charlie-2, sorry I can't help with advice but you need to put this on a new post so people have a better chance of seeing it and may be able to advise, its tagged onto another post at the moment


Hi Charlie, sensorineural hearing loss is in the Cochlea or hearing Organ, obviously there has been a cause for this, but the fact is he has a hearing loss, and SN loss can only be resolved with Hearing Aids, there is NO surgical intervention with type of loss, the NHS should supply him with fairly decent H Aids, but cost is a factor, to get the best you may have to dip into the private market, but please be careful, avoid National High Street branches, as they tend to be very expensive, good advice is not hard to come by, but check out Models and prices.. or keep with the NHS, but they can only supply what they have.


Sounds like Meniere's disease .


Hi, I have just been diagnosed with Otosclerosis and I have symptoms of what I explained was like a pipping noise in my ear,,same symptom, has ur partner seen ent specialist yet ?


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