What types of h.a. are available nowadays on NHS?

Does anyone on here know what types of h.a. are available on the NHS? I have an appointment next week to see an audiologist at my local hospital and enquired over the telephone whether I could have ITE (in the ear) style of h.aids, she said that the NHS do not do these, only behind the ear with tubing and I would have to get these 'privately'. I am having a lot of problems with tubing and comfort so wonder what my options are on the NHS or is this just a case of more cutbacks with the NHS as it says (on-line) contrary to this and that they 'are' available? Also, I read on-line that with different hospitals, its a case of they are available but they can't be bothered to order them in?

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  • Hello Twinkletoes2

    I am going on Monday for new HA's.The behind the ear ones with tubing are what I've had since wearing them in 2009. I never had ear infections until wearing these, even with my two perforated eardrums. The last ones make my ears itch, don't know if it is different material. I shouldn't complain , because they are on the NHS and I really , really struggle without them ( one has broken!) All my friends have new ones with a little plastic dome in the ear with very thin wire like tubing. Three of them didn't work and I found out from another friend that some of them haven't got two small holes in them , they don't work. When getting new ones with holes in the are ok. I am going to ask for these, but they don't work apparently if you have bad hearing loss. This probably isn't much help?

  • Thanks Daffi for that, I had 2 digital h.aids with the very thin tubing and tiny plastic dome that fits snug in the ear, to start with but couldn't get on with them, the dome kept coming out of my ear with me constantly having to push them back in and they also 'tickled' and itched (like yourself) which drove me mad. When I went back to my audiologist they offered me the old-fashioned ear-mould which I was used to. Unfortunately, these old moulds only work with the thicker tubing (unlike the tiny domes) which is a shame as they are more visible, but then I had to go for them as had no choice really. But my issue now is that I am having trouble with the dry tubing that I have (special to prevent moisture build-up which I am prone to for some reason!) They are agony which means I can only wear one h.a. for any length of time, so not good! (and I need 2!) I wondered if I could have something 'in the ear' instead on the NHS, my first NHS h.aid was an ITE type aid, don't think they do these any more? Just wondered if its available or not on the NHS, or is it a regional thing, certain hospitals do them, others don't.

  • Just like to add that I did look into getting some privately but that is not an option for me when they start out at just under a grand! So I guess we are lucky to have them on the NHS but for how long I wonder, it seems to be going down the pan recently (along with most of the NHS), and getting to see an audiologist quickly is now a thing of the past. :( It'll be "goodbye" if the Tories get in that's for sure! ...... another story!!)

  • Hiya, I'm just wondering if on your old type with the 'thin-tube' design did you have a retention clip on there? Its an extra small piece of plastic that sits in the bowl of your ear?

    If not - its maybe worth mentioning, I know a lot of people who have tried these and they feel a lot more secure.

    Kirsty :)

  • Hi Kirsty, my old ones with the thin tubing had a tiny rubber like dome, I have been back to my audiologist since my last post on here and she designed an ITE type hearing aid with thin tubing to try, when I went for the fitting another audiologist looked at them and said "well these won't work" ! Nevertheless, he fitted them and said see how you go, well after a couple of days, I had the same problem as the small dome fitting in that they wouldn't stay in my ears! So I've gone back to the original thick tubing, original ear moulds and (touch wood!) I haven't had any problems with them ..... so far!! :)

  • Hi. Stretchhgirl. I'm waiting for a referral to my local hospital. Three weeks ago my hearing was fine (I think) then I woke up the following day completely deaf in one ear and only partial in the other. I'm not really bothered which hearing aids I'm offered but as I play tennis would the bte's stay in place? (Sorry if this seems to be a silly question.)


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