sudden hearing loss! Im realy freaked out

I woke up 3 days ago to found out that I cant hear via my left ear.all I ear is a strong buzzing first I was like:"meh probably just somekind of wax"...but after reading online I realized it may be actualy a serious problem...I also realized that I tend to have this buzzing sound once in a while for few seconds...and thats why it isnt a good sign and realy freaks me off...I canceled all my stuff for the next few days cuz Im realy freaked out...if lets say,at the worst case-o scenario my ear gets fucked up.are there any devices/things that allow me to re-hear to some dagree from that ear?

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  • Hello, best advice is to see a doctoras soon as you can, ask for a referral to an audiologist, you will undergo two or three painless tests and receive a diagnosis. I have heating loss in both ears and suffer tinitus too. I am being fitted with new hearing aids next week. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

  • Hi there, sounds like Tinnitus to me. I have it in both ears and have hearing loss due to this. I was fitted with a hearing aid which helps in the daytime. Its not nice to suffer with this and each person is individual. I suffer sleep loss due to the buzzing which is constant. We do have a support group in the town I live, hope you can get some help, see if there is anything in your area, your doctor can tell you. good luck

  • Tinnitus at night is a pest, options....take a radio to bed have on low, get a sleep pillow, fairly cheap, and plug in your MP3, or sound ball which make noises like wind and such, don't recommend water falls, make you want a Wee, if your tinnitus is really bad, get a hearing aid with a tinnitus masker as a program and select a noise you find pleasant. Good luck

  • Sudden hearing loss can be many things, but should be checked out ASAP, common causes most likely could be Wax, if you've been swimming or got water in your ears it will swell the wax and cause deafness, have you been poking your ear with a cotton bud may have pushed any wax further down the ear canal, you've said nothing of previous problems, been flying on holiday, had cold, hay fever, all theses things can cause a problem, tinnitus again is a symptom of many things, all the above or other causes, dizzy spells with blocked ears and tinnitus could be virus infection, just get it checked...good luck don't worry.

  • sudden hearing loss is defintely something to be concerned about, it could be over waxed inside the ear, or it could be tinittis (sorry cant spell it), this is a very annoying and persistant complain that no matter what you do you cant get rid off it unless u wear headphones and drown out the noise to your particular music and the time and circumstances. Or it could be menieres, now that is a type of disease which i not very much aware of, but whatever it is it should be checked immediately if its persistant ear loss.

  • Get to A and E now not GP. Steriods can help some conditions

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