i have an embarrassing complain, my ears keep leaking after i have laid down for quite some time like overnight and when i get up it drips onto my night clothers. i am partly deaf wearing a hearing aid in the left ear, which is apparently where the leakage/discharge is comming from, it is also very itch and each time i take my hearing aid out it is always moist and i feel crusting of the skin just inside the ear and around the entrance to the ear, I keep washing it out and keeping it clean and dry over the last week but it has made no difference. my hearing aid is only five months old so fairly new and suddenly im getting this horrible foul smelling yellowish/clear discharge constantly coming out of my ear especially after being in bed laying down alnight and as i explained it comes pouring out and drips on my night clothes and have to rush to ge some tissues. I am disabled and housebound and find it difficult to get to my local GP with no help, do you think they would do a home visit for this situation? i have other medical problems kidney failure stage 5 and due for dialysis in about a month and a half as they are preparing a fistula by 2 stage procedure as the surgeons cant fit it in the usual place due to very small veins. i also have osteomalacia and nephrocalcinosis, kidney stone disease, i mentioned these just in case they could be related who knows. i would be grateful for some advise, either from someone with similar experience or a professional. Thank you

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  • It's very difficult to tell without looking in your ear exactly where the infection is, but at a good guess it is in the ear canal, and is called ottis externa an Infection of the external ear canal, which is extremely difficult to clear, antibiotics and local spray are the best bet, but from your GP, looking at how long you have had your aid may suggest that the plastic of the ear mould may be irritating the ear, so must be changed to a anti allergenic one, but again it is most most important to clean your ear mould daily, with moist ear wipes, you can buy them from a chemist, the swabs you use if you cut yourself are ok, the problem is your ear need air to help healing so wearing your hearing aid is not helping, bit of a Catch 22 really, but it's important to see your GP ASAP, and of course you should be able to get a home visit if your unable to attend a practice...good luck

  • Get it looked at, I wear a hearing aid in my left ear too and in the past had blood coming from my ear turns out I had an infection, I was told not to wear my aid which is impossible as I have Menieres in my other ear.

  • The best thing you can do is get an appointment with your gp. I had this problem when I was younger, left it too late as I was embarrassed by what was happening to me.

    When I finally got to the doctor they found problems and disease in the ear.

    I left it too late and had to have surgery,, I hope you can organise an appointment.

    Good luck

  • Just replied to a simular problem with someone else, you have a infection of the ear canal, wearing a hearing aid mould is not helping, I know it's a catch22 situation, no aid can't hear, wear aid infection, first trip is GP, then using spray till infection is cleared up, but do not wear aid till infection is cleared up, I may suggest getting spear MOULDS SO YOU CAN CHANGE THEM FREQUENTLY, and clean ears daily with anti bacterial wipe.

  • Sorry I meant EAR MOULDS not ears.

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