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Hello. I had this horrible "virus" that effected my chest,throat and eventually my ears....this has been going on for about 3 weeks and the ear problems for about 2 weeks. Been put on drops and eventually antibiotics but showing no sign of improving. Its really getting to me how little I can hear in both ears and having a little toddler around. Im hoping there isnt any permanent damage or hearing loss but has anyone else been in this situation before? Also I have had problems in the past with e tubes and ear drum exploding and gormits. Is that linked? I do have wax uses but drops have cleaned out what remains.

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I also been told I talk funny as in I sound tone deaf. Come to relise I cant hear my vioce unless in quiet situations.


Hi there, you are in the wars, virus infections can certainly effect the hearing, the drops I take it are for your ears, drops as in oil to soften wax, or other, ear drops are ok but depending how bad they are you will need them cleaned out, some GP's don't clean ears now, they refer to the local hospital and wait can be endless, you can get them looked at and cleaned at a local independent Hearing Centre, but there is a cost for cleaning, which may veary from £15/40 ear, they use Micro Suction which you must have because you may have perforation of the ear drum, regardless of the wax you seem to have an underlying hearing loss as well, again you can get this checked at your local Hearing Centre, this is normally free, ask first, if there is a medical problem then they will refer you back to your GP, it seem like you are stuck, if you have to wear Hearing Aids then you must, don't put it off


Oh dear, seems you need an appointment at local ENT clinic at hospital, see your GP and ask for a referral ... I Know I know, but it's your ears and hearing.


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