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Hi Everyone

Just found this site and wanted to say hello. I was deafened about 20 years ago and lost my hearing completely. Saw lots of specialists but no cause/treatment options really given. Went down the steroids then chemo route as it was felt this was an autoimmunity problem. Aside from feeling poisoned by professionals took myself off the immune suppressants and slowly my hearing came back to about 50%. Stayed this way for more than 10 years then really dropped again in 2010. Now having to cope with hearing aids, loop systems and that assumption that one is stupid because your hearing in compromised – no I don’t take sugar !!

I have worked for the NHS during this period – been suspended (for being deaf) and then reinstated, kicked off my team (for being deaf) then reinstated – just wonder what is going to happen next. Odd thing is that my hearing problem seems to really help build bridges with my clients (drug/alcohol problems) and many clients have said that although I do sometimes struggle with my hearing, I’m the first person who has actually listened to what they are saying.

Aside from the tinnitus which drives me to distraction at times, being deafened isn’t all bad. Once home and my ears are out (hearing aids) my neighbours are so considerate and quiet. Cold call people tend to give up the will to live after the nth time they have said who they are representing (Not big or clever but still fun). Of a night, all the residents in my street when returning home must have a red carpet and be texting their friends as I never hear them.

I would love to hear (possibly wrong term) from others who find themselves in a similar situation and deal with the everyday issues of being hard of hearing and the social isolation this can create

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Hi i lost my hearing completely in march due to meningitis. Because of the damage to my ears my only option to hear again was to have a cochlear implant. I had the operation in may and was switched on in June. Although its not the same as natural hearing it seems to be going very well. I can have a 1-1 conversation if its quiet but struggle in groups but it is getting better all the time. I cant understand music and get very tired in noisey situations (not sure if that is because listening makes me tired or my recovery from meningitis). I also suffer with tinnitus which is there constantly in my non implanted ear and goes extremely loud in both ears when i remove my implant at night so do have trouble sleeping. As i am still recovering from meningitis and have balance problems i don't go out on my own but im sure when i am able to i will have some new challenges to contend with! I also work for the nhs in elderly rehabilitation and hope to resume my post as soon as i am able. Any advice on equipment that helps would be appreciated my implant has a t setting so i have been looking at getting a neck loop to see if it helps in group conversation. vicky


Hi, sorry its taken so long to reply, only recently found this site, and am amazed its not used more. I am trying to get people using it as having hearing disabilities is difficult yet on here everyone is equal in conversation. I have high frequency deafness and shortly before I was finished work through ill health (lupus) was being bullied due to my hearing problems. As I can hear low frequency I was continually told you're not deaf! Yet am classed as profoundly deaf with high frequency. I worked with social work team for disabilities at the time! Hope you return to the site then as people find it they see it is being used

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