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Poetry as well as Art? My husbands thoughts about PD.

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My Neuro’s wise and knows what's best, my wife's not sure and will not rest

She looks things up and finds things out, I try them all without a doubt

It’s not so easy just to see, what really is the best for me

My condition changes day by day, there must be another way

My red-light hat is quite a chore, an hour a day but maybe more

The Broccoli tea doesn't taste divine, I'd rather drink a glass of wine

The supplements both powder and pill, were not designed to make me ill

They’re cased in plastic, nice and thin. Enough to make a wheelie bin

Vitamin B and vitamin A, Coenzyme 10 please go away

So here I sit with damaged brain taking pills reducing pain

A three mile run is far away I walk instead, is that OK?

Keeping fit is not that easy, the thought of gym makes me queasy

A real benefit’s keeping fit but I'm a bit afraid of it

My shoulders hurt my back is sore I should be strengthening my core

The mannitol is in the post, instructions say, don’t overdose

I knew PD was not so nice I’m listening now to all advice

High fibre meals to help my tum but it doesn’t seem to reach my bum

Brain fog swirls in clouds of mist Just one drink and it seems I’m pissed

It’s my walking step that’s stiff and poor, today I’m walking well for sure

I’m now reduced to toddler talk, “Have you been?” “How well you walk!”

Yesterday I tried to shave. My tremor side will not behave

You missed a bit she gaily cries which really isn’t a surprise

Remember me but not like this the man you loved and want to kiss

High emotion comes quite quickly even when I’m watching Strictly

How did it start, is it my fault? Did I consume too much salt?

Within in the Lottery of life, I really chose a lovely wife

What affects me seems unfair, her life has changed to one of care

It’s still the same we laugh and joke while I can swallow not just choke

Just look forward not behind, life is really not unkind.

Exercise reduces change, you have to do it, move full range

A condition that is not the best, the range of things it tries to test

Moving, mood and speech and thought, of all the things I could have caught

PD is not the very worst, my life is not completely cursed.

There’s people here who suffer more I’m not the worst that’s for sure

To finish on a positive note, I hope you like the words I wrote

When they find a cure for this, my life will change to one of bliss

We’ll party long into the night because we will have won the fight

What these words are meant to do is cheer me up as well as you.

The challenge seems so very hard It’s not my fault my brain is scarred

But family and friends are there when strangers stop and rudely stare.

He hasn’t changed he’s just the same it’s just the Parkinson’s to blame.

John Smith

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Wow. Well done!

Thank you! Loved this.

Fantastic and all so true!

That is a helluva good poem.

Love it, thanks for sharing!

Is man an immortal God or is man an animal who died when he died? Get to know an artist and you will find out.

Now I know the answer.

You are both great artists.⭐️⭐️

Thanks You!


Beautiful. Our bodies may fail us but you still have a wonderful soul. I love this.

Brilliant enjoyed reading it

Bless you John and Zella

Your beautiful words made me laugh out loud, then brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. Sending hugs to both of you xx


I like it, needs to be set to music, maybe some popular song you can borrow

Incredible! All his inner thoughts expressed through a beautiful poem.

PS. It brought tears in my eyes, Zella. :(

Wow that's was really great, thank you so much for taking the time to do it!!

Hugs to both of you.

Do try PS 128

Thank you for sharing. Loved it,

Thank you! That’s incredible.

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