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Gene therapy is underway!

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Gene therapy is what is going to do it for us. Here it is!!

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I do believe that gene therapy offers a better chance of success than, say, stem cells. That said, the Parkinson's candidate mentioned is preclinical which means it is at least 10 years from approval, if it succeeds.

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I give up

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Cleee yoooo!......never give up , my love!

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Several good interventions available right now. Have you tried the cinnamon?

I have. Doesn't work for me

Cinnamon, thiamine, mannitol, fast walking, coconut oil ,cbd,etc, there's things that work for some but nothing works for all. We can try it all, it won't hurt us


You left out an important one, lithium orotate!!! It deserves more than just an, "etc"!!! 😉😉😉


And broccoli seeds!

Seeds or sprouts?

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my dad has been on this all year but with all the research i have been doing and all the supplements he takes, i forgot what this is for!! can you please remind me :) (we pause on the lithium whenever he is on a psilocybin microdose schedule, as they should not be mixed)

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This is why less than 21 mg of lithium orotate is worth considering for PwP :


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thanks art!! will add it to my notes :)

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weirdly, we do not have access to lithium orotate in canada but we are lucky that we have friends down in the us that happily mail it to us :)

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It looks too complicated

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Only requires adding a measured amount of cinnamon to your food or drink.

Right. Don’t forget a ‘measured amount’ of burning incense, banging on a tambourine, and chanting at the top of your lungs. That too may work...

I'll bang on this tamborine gladly:

"The present investigation underlines the importance of a naturally used spice and flavoring agent viz. cinnamon in reducing α-syn deposits in transgenic mice expressing mutant A53T human α-syn. Upon oral administration, cinnamon markedly reduced the level of insoluble α-syn in nigra, hippocampus and brain stem of A53T mice... , neuroprotective proteins like DJ-1 and Parkin are known to reduce the formation of Lewy bodies in the CNS. Accordingly, we observed upregulation and/or normalization of DJ-1 and Parkin in the nigra of A53T mice by treatment with cinnamon...

"Quantification of α-syn immunostaining indicated a significant reduction of α-syn in cinnamon-treated mice relative to the vehicle-treated group...cinnamon treatment decreased the level of insoluble, but not soluble, α-syn in the nigra ofA53T mice... Mice were treated with cinnamon (100 mg/kg body wt/d) ... via gavage for 60d. "

100mg x 108 kg = 10,800mg or 10.8g of cinnamon a day for a big guy like me. About 2 tsp.

NO Because you must adjust for differing metabolic rate between mice and people. Per my report on this matter that I linked to above, this is a factor of 12:

"Adjusting for metabolic rate as set forth here: the mouse dosage is equivalent to 8 mg/kg body wt/d for a human, about .5 g for a 60 kg (132 pound) human. This may or may not be an effective human dosage."

Thanks pb!

A few years ago, my chiropractor, who is a PhD in nutritional medicine, prescribed for me a drink :1tsp cinnamon

1tbs lemon juice

2 tsp acv

1 tbs honey

Mix in a glass of water

It a good tonic. I used Ceylon cinnamon and extra honey. I used to drink it every morning. I should do that again.

You may want to avoid the more common Chinese/Viet sources if you do choose to experiment. From a 2014 report (they’ve been testing with mice for nearly a decade): “Using mass spectrometric analysis, the researchers also found that Ceylon cinnamon was more beneficial as opposed to Chinese cinnamon, which contains a chemical called coumarin that can be toxic to the liver. Both types of cinnamon are readily available in the U.S.”

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Would this only treat pwp who have a certain genetic mutation that caused the disease? Meaning it would not work for idiopathic Parkinson’s?

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Idiopathic means we don't know what they cause is. So I would think patients would have to undergo proper genetic testing to accurately target respective defects.

What is the point in knowing what caused it if you still have it a cure is needed or a way to stop it progressing

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Sangamo says "Pan Allele", meaning it should work for everybody, but this is theoretical and will need to be demonstrated in the clinic.

Together with the investment in denali it shows a serious commitment to research into an eventual cure for PD. As Park bear points out, that won't be overnight, but as Sam Gamgee gaffer used to say"it's the job that's never started takes longest to finish"

With modern technology, i think we'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast things are capable of moving. 2023 to 2025 and this thing should be a done deal . Save this post.. bet you a dollar!

I love your enthusiasm!

Gene therapy is what’s going to do it for us, PWP long term but it’s a ways out. I think stem cells will be applicable sooner. Between stem cells, FUS, and the quest for a disease slowing repurposed drug, we can kick this can down the road until a gene therapy is ready. Blue Rock has a stem cell trial looking for participants. As does Mass General. Kyoto should have results in 2022.

Parkinson's Disease Gene Therapy Trials: Hype and Hope this now. 3 minutes into it and already answered so many questions!

Must watch! All of you!!

I get an error message. Maybe just post the title of the video and I can find it on YouTube.

Parkinson's Disease Gene Therapy Trials: Hype and Hope

Putting this title in the search box when on YouTube got the video for me.

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There's nothing proven yet, just a lot of enthusiasm and even if a gene therapy were available it would only be available to the very rich.

I think this is the correct link :


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