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Turning over in bed

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My husband has PD & cannot turn over in bed as the bedclothes get tangled around his feet effectively trapping him. Also I find I can't help much as he is a dead weight so getting as far as reaching the grab handle is difficult, although not an overweight man. He does his excercises regularly.

I'm new to this forum & would appreciate any helpful answers.

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Silk sheets and silk pajamas with daily high dose thiamine hcl.

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64sa8ndF in reply to RoyProp

Thanks RoyProp, he does have sarin sheets & pyjamas also a small sheet which should help bed movement - forgotten what it is called (maybe a snoozle!)

I think he needs something like a pole or rope ladder so he can pull himself up a bit more, if anyone knows how effective these are?

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skinnibean in reply to 64sa8ndF

I ve just been given one, funded by our National Health system, plus a bed loop, its fantastic, such a help in moving about in bed.

I sleep on a couch. I have a very heavy coffee table next to the couch. I grab onto the coffee table when I want to get up. There is no turning over on this couch, so I avoid the problem of needing to turn over. Have you thought about a sleep chair for your husband? A sleep chair/lift chair combination might be the answer to his problem.

Satin sheet helps my husband. However, I am looking into this thing/device (really don't know what to call it) - that fits under the end of the mattress then stands about 18" to hold the sheet/duvet up off of his feet. Generally made out of bent/formed metal rod - sometimes chromed - sometimes plastic coated. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or have experience with it ? amazon.com/DMI-Adjustable-B... I think this one is probably superior - though the price is ridiculous - amazon.com/Adjustable-Blank...

What about a solid box under the bedclothes at the end of the bed to take the weight off his feet? And a row of pillows under the covers down the middle/ wall side of the bed?

Things that have helped us....1. No top sheet. 2. Use quilt not comforter 3. Takes a dose of l dopa ( rytary) with night meds 4. Minimal bed clothes

Additional night meds ( for RBD) include .5 klonopin and 20 mg melatonin

Hope some of this helps

My husband often has the same problem. I always loosen the sheets at night and although they don’t restrict him, he just doesn’t have the strength to pull himself up. He has a grab bar beside the bed which he grabs but again cannot push himself up. We have a lift chair for during the daytime but that’s not an option to sleep in. As the caregiver/spouse, I get up each time to assist him if he’s headed to the bathroom. I should mention it’s not all the time, he is able sometimes to get up on his own which puzzles me a bit. Not the ideal situation but works for us.

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Adnelg54 in reply to NOrm1025

Caregivers sleep is too important... OT has helped the in and out of bed ...tremendously

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NOrm1025 in reply to Adnelg54

What is OT?

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64sa8ndF in reply to NOrm1025

OT is occupational therapist. Very helpful usually but hasn't helped us with the bedclothes problem.

We are just finishing LSVT BIG with an OT.... I went with a list of objectives....getting in and out of bed, dressing, eating without dropping food etc.... if he only keeps practicing...

I loosen everything around my husband as soon as he dozes off making sure he is on his side facing in, making sure his back is covered. I stay awake for a couple of hours and keep my eye on him.

We have a hard pillow long ways between us at the top in between both our pillows that we rest on.

This middle pillow has saved me from so many belts in the face, I try to sleep with my back to him for fear of loosing a couple of teeth.

He has fallen out of bed twice but theres nothing i can do to prevent this only to make sure there is a soft landing for him pillows on the floor, then i'm scared if he manages to get up without me knowing and falls over them.

Good Luck and Take Care xxx

Thanks allofatremor, we now have twin beds to avoid involuntary punches.

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