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Bad dreams and sinamet

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I have early stage PD, take 25/100 sinamet at 7 am and 1 pm and have no symptoms! But lately I wake with very troubling dreams, even yelling out in my sleep. But very enjoyable days... it’s perplexing. I’m worried about my brain chemistry, if the drug is messing with my brain, I take 1mg of rasagline several times a week too. Anybody else dealing with bad dreams?

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This is almost certainly a Parkinson's symptom known as REM sleep disorder, rather than a result of those medications.

Can you say more about this sleep disturbance?

I do not have it personally but here is what Dr. Google has to say about it:

Any time I take something else to supplement sinamet, I get troubling dreams,nightmares and yelling out, etc. etc. When I just take sinamet, I have tolerable sleep with milder dreams if any I can recall. I have recently added a low dose of Lexapro, one per day and it helps smooth over the rough ness

hi wolfe well i took rasagline for years it did nothing for me i dont take it anymore.regards john

Not eager to start more drugs....I fall asleep again ,and wake up rested though perplexed where these dreams are coming from. I got my masters degree in dream therapy.....

well thats ok wolfepower dreams are ok weather there good or bad as most people get them, me i get dreams all the time dont worry as long as your health is not 2 bad and you sleep well.lots of people with pd dont get much sleep.regards john.

Thanks for reassurance 🙏

My husband was put on Requip for vivid dreams. Is working great for him.


ive been told that i scream out during the night (loud like in a scary movie), but i have no recollection of it. and as a matter of fact - its when i think ive had a good nights sleep. i dont remember having bad dreams either.

I’ve had REM sleep behavior for years. You can have an overnight sleep test to confirm. Clonazapam is the drug that manages it. It has nothing to do with other meds and is another PD symptom. Don’t wait.

I did Not take any meds For two years after diagnosis, taking supplements and working with the natural path, b-1 therapy, etc but my fatigue and inability to write legibly and a few other symptoms lead me to try very low-dose carbidopa, what my doctor ccalls a non-therapeutic dose at only two tablets a day. all my symptoms have disappeared, I can tread water again and shimmy in my dance moves and walk 5 miles keeping up with my walking friends .so the sinemat is a blessing. I got my Masters in psychology dream therapy so perhaps these dreams are an invitation to explore my Unconscious through working with the dreams. Thank you for your concern

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