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Building update

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Almost there. Drywall will be finished Wednesday. Paint walls and ceilings Thursday and start tiling floors and shower. Then paint doors and trim. Then hang doors and install trim. Cabinets on order will be here in a month. But we will move in anyway and make do. Target date for move is January 9th 2019. Image i s looking where the kitchen will be. It is a kitchen / living room / dinning room.. The room is 37 ft long and 16 feet wide.

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Very nice! It's going up so fast.

Wow, Bailey......that is fantastic. I've really enjoyed the photos of your progress that you have posted, and the accomplishment and role-modeling is beyond words.

Margarita, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Very impressive, Bailey. Well done!

Very fast build. Obviously nothing stops you-well done

Thank you for sharing pictures and progress with us. Very encouraging.