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Dr Costantini and thiamine


Dr Costantini is my hero!! He has helped me to survive the last few months w/end stage brittle issues. His work w/b,1 Thiamine has given me hope to b able to have a better quality of life and and a reason to live plus my wonderful husband Ted!!! Ive have p.d. since I was 8years old , Since 1965. I just hope he never stops his kindnss. Since I am from the is a and they sucks when it is deemed not investigated enough for American drs. And pharmacy comps. because it is of little cost. I am ashamed to be American as of this moment. Our drug laws need to change and I sure hope it's before i die from it!! And the man has never asked for a penny to counsel me.

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Congratulations! Keep on keepin' on!

fronya69 in reply to jimcaster

Thanx 4 vote of confidence Jimcaster! Fran

Glad you're going well. I agree Dr C is a wonderful person and our US is not what it used to be.

Congratulations. Great story.

I agree, Dr C is wonderful and many of us owe him a big

a) hug

b) kiss

c) check for $10,000,000 so he can study B1.


I am not easily impressed, but Dr. C continually impresses me with the effort that he makes for all of his patients and the time he puts into furthering the cause of HDT! I wish there were many many more like him!


Amen!!!! I am happy for you.

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