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How do I introduce B1-HCL/Thiamine, and Mucuna Pruriens?


I am a 57 YO female, dx'd 2012. Immediately prescribed PD drugs as well as antidepressants, hypertension, cholesterol, and sleep meds. I now want to try B1 and Mucuna therapies. How do I add them to my daily regime? Do I stop/decrease the PD drugs? If I add B1 and Mucuna Pruriens to PD meds, how will I know if they are working? Should I establish the Mucuna first and then add the B1?

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Concerned about all those different meds that you are taking. I take it you have a diagnosis of high blood pressure and that you need antidepressants and sleep meds in order to function.. Regarding the statins, do you have known cardiovascular disease? Are you seeking to add the mucuna because your current regimen is not working for you?

Since you are taking all those meds, I would ramp up the thiamine/B-1 slowly rather than start with a big dose all at once.

With all of the meds for separate issues, I would recommend that you not add anything else without consulting your neurologist. Can you work on improving your nutrition and increasing exercise? Lifestyle changes may improve your management of PD as well as the quality of sleep, mood and blood pressure.

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