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Benefits of Mannitol


Because mannitol is only partially absorbed by the body, it significantly reduces the rise in blood glucose and insulin levels that occur following the ingestion of glucose. Mannitol is a member of the sugar alcohol family and has the following advantages:

Sugar alcohols

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So are you saying that if you have a predisposition to diabetes it would be a good idea? Do you know what the starting dose is Kia pls?

Kia17 in reply to munchybunch

I believe so. To get a correct dose please visit; and register. They obviously provide with the Mannitol dosage for the PwPDs.

gaga1958 in reply to Kia17

I have contacted clinicrowd a number of times but they have never replied. I filled out the PD survey first but they never replied.

I started off on 1 tablespoon but had such severe intestinal cramping I had to drop it down to 1 teaspoon So obviously I still don’t know the correct dose I should be taking.

Despe in reply to gaga1958

I have contacted clinicrowd several times, too, but they never responded. What is the ideal dose for 178 lbs? Does it matter if it's more than the ideal dose?

alexask in reply to gaga1958

For me 1 teaspoon is enough to benefit.

Despe in reply to alexask

Thanks! How does it benefit you? My husband is taking at least a tbsp. every day.

alexask in reply to Despe

Eliminated constipation. Reduced tremor - just generally felt better. But diet and exercise are also key

Despe in reply to alexask

Glad it helps you. My husband doesn't have constipation problems and his tremors are infrequent and intermittent. Don't know what helps anymore :)

When I did the Clinicrowd questionnaire, the last page gave a table with how many grams to take based on body weight and recommendations about where to buy it.

I am 122lb and take 7g

Which brand do you use? Does it give you cramping?

alaynedellow recommends one

I get it from Blackburn Distributions in the UK. It did give me embarasssing wind when I took it in the morning so I started taking at night and whatever happens I don't notice it any more!

Does it matter if you take it day or night? Any improvements??

I don't think it matters for me - anyway in my case the wind I got from taking it in the daytime was too socially tricky...

Improvements in mood, bowel movements, executive function, multi tasking, sleep and probably more.

Wow wonder why it wasn’t there when I finished mine? I must’ve done something incorrectly.

I've got notes somewhere if you tell me what you weigh (if you don't mind!) I can try and find them.

we weigh about the same, i'm 120 lbs, which you said 7g.

now I just gotta convert g to tsp, lol

thxs much

I get my Mannitol from it has anti-gas agent added. Dose is one tablespoon in coffee. Works wonders for mood-lifting apathy and giving you some get up and go. It is widely used in diabetic foods as sugar substitute. Cannot recommend it enough.

Mannitol clinical uses

Mannitol is widely used in the management of raised intracranial pressure (ICP), for renal protection in cardiac, vascular, and renal transplantation surgery, and in the management of rhabdomyolysis. It has also previously been used for bowel preparation before colorectal surgery. In this article, we discuss the current evidence for the use of mannitol in a variety of clinical situations.