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Thiamine Auto injector


Hi guys,

One thing that has been crucial to helping deal with injecting myself with thiamine is the use of an auto injector. Not trying to advertise anything here, but without it, I would be more stressed about screwing up the injections. It's true peace of mind. I'm using the one by UnionMedico in Europe. I bought the Super Grip model, along with the correct needles. Which also brings up a different question...which needle length do people use and where do people prefer to inject themselves on their bodies? I use a 1.25 inch, 23 guage needle and switch off between thighs.

Just thought I'd pass this along for folks considering thiamine via injections. I've been doing injections for almost two years and feel that the thiamine doesn't improve my symptoms so much, but do feel that it has kept my condition from progressing, which is a bonus enough to stay with it.

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I Simply buy injections at local pharmacy. Never worried about lenght of the needle. I self inject.... So as l ong as I do not hit the bones any needle is fine

Hi Trent, happy to hear from you again. I use 32 mm needles similar with a light blue head needle.

5 ml syringe in the buttocks. Interesting this machine did not know it existed. Thanks Gio

I use a 1" 25 gauge needle on a 1 cc/ml syringe. I inject in my thigh. When my husband is home he does it in the upper glute.

In what way do you think it has helped you

Sorry I know you said keep it from progressing but has it helped the rigidity at all or clarity of thinking at all

My thinking hasn't been affected at all. I actually started thiamine before levadopa. Levadopa has helped to some degree. With thiamine, I never had the improvements that I see on the videos of Dr. C, but am grateful that the disease appears not to be progressing. I have re tried ibogaine recently and do feel a significant improvement in rigidity and movement speed. I will post about that epic to compare notes with others taking it.

Thx happy for any improvement

i need ro research ibogaine

What is this called when i ask for it at the pharmacy? is it an RX or OTC?

It's RX...simply Thiamine HCl

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