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Burning feeling in neck


I’m only 11 weeks since dx. I’m 56 yo male. Decent fitness. In the last 2 weeks I’m noticing a burning sensation like sunburn on my left rear side of my neck. Stretching and rotating neck seems to help. Is this a Pd feeling you think? I was on mirapex for 2 months but doctor said last week I could halt it if I was ok with my level of tremor, etc, so I’ve been off it about 10 days.

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Could be a problem with the discs in your neck. You should probably ask to get an MRI of your neck. Burning sensation could be caused by herniated discs in the neck pushing up against the spinal cord.

Also my therapist said never rotate your neck - as this can cause damage. Go to one side and them back to center, the other side and then back to center, and then do the same thing with front and back.

I have 3 herniated discs in my neck that I have been treating successfully with traction instead of surgery for about 14 years now. So if you do have herniated discs, ask about physical therapy as an alternative to surgery.

a burning feeling is usually due to nerve damage.

For some pwp neck pain and burning are a presenting symptom. It was for me, and being treated relieved it. In my case I had very significant rigidity, once this was eased I rarely had neck discomfort unless I became seriously 'off' from lack of medication.

I could not say for sure, but personally I have severe neck stiffness, and now I cannot look very far to the right or left...I always tell my mother-in-law to not take it personally if I cannot turn towards her while I am seated...😑

I have long hair, and for some time, months, I have been whipping my head left to right and back, to shake the water from hair after showering. I wonder if that has done it. I just stopped it this week to see if it corrects. I stopped this week, when, in a quiet moment in the bathroom I could hear a whishing sound in my neck as I turned my head back and forth.

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