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Dad troubled by Parkinson's Disease


Hello everyone!!

My dad is 70 years old suffering from Parkinson’s disease. His legs were weak, his left foot was partially numb, and he experienced significant hand tremors too. To make matters worse, he had recently begun having panic attacks. But he did come, and we immediately started him on a series of intravenous (IV) glutathione treatments.

When I googled I read about compound medications ( ). I just got a brief idea that they are helpful for neurological and brain-related illness. Could you please share about compound medications? Will these medications harm my dad at this age?

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Nothing special about a compounding pharmacy. Did the intravenous (IV) glutathione help?

Hi -

I don't know anything about the IV medications or panic attacks, but some of your dad's symptoms sound like mine. I just discovered that my left foot numbness is due to spinal stenosis, which can be corrected with surgery. Has he had an MRI of his lumbar spine? If not, you should ask the dr. about this. Spinal stenosis can cause foot numbness, leg weakness, lower back pain, and problems emptying his bladder.

This is interesting. I just read it tonight and it makes some sense.

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