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New study; "...52% of people who had ever taken dopamine agonists developed an impulse control disorder..." 6/21/18 journal Neurology


"Many Parkinson’s drugs — particularly dopamine agonists and, in some cases, levodopa — have been linked to these types of behaviour. Recent studies have suggested there may be a difference in the type of dopamine agonist used, with slow release tablets causing impulsive behaviours less frequently, and that pramipexole and ropinerole may be more likely to cause this side effect."

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My doctor wants me to start on Azilect is it safe with sinemet

MBAnderson in reply to hanifab23

yes, often they're taken together.

CKingPs in reply to hanifab23

Good idea to know your blood pressure and if levodopa dose may need to be adjusted before starting new medication.

Check out interactions with other meds. Also, know which foods have tyramine.

sheshe7755 in reply to hanifab23

My husband has taken 1 a day Azilec for many years also leva/carb 4 times daily.

Good catch. A bit shocked the number is so high but not entirely surprised.

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