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Parkinsons Commercial

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I hate the lastest commercial about Parkinsons Disease. My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago and the meds have been working for him with the tremors.. Seeing commercials like this are depressing for him and I am sure others with this horrible disease. You don't see other commercials about other diseases focusing on the terrible parts. I am sure these things can happen, and pray not for my husband, but if they do then I will deal with our Dr... Every time it comes on it makes me sad for my husband and it makes me Mad for all the other caregivers.

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Be consoled by the fact that like nearly all drug commercials, it's scare tactics built on false statements. I do not believe that 50% of all PWP have hallucinations and delusions. There are 2,000 posts on this forum and if the number were 50%, there'd be a whole lot more discussion about it, when, far as I can tell, there's little discussion about it.

These drug commercials are written by lying, sneaking, thieving, cheating, halfwit Madison Avenue advertising types.

As I understand it, the United States and New Zealand are the only two countries where direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs is legal.

I absolutely cannot stand those commercials. Fortunately I practically never watch television so avoid them. Parkinson’s is different for everyone and hallucinations are not common. It’s ludicrous to think that patients and families should be suggesting a prescription medication to their treating neurologist and even worse, scaring people about a future symptom that may never be an issue. PD is not curable by ANY known prescription medication, and the meds only manage symptoms. IMHO, lifestyle changes as discussed here and taking the barest minimum of meds that will help us have the energy to exercise and care for ourselves properly is the way to go. The worst thing we can do is to buy into fear, especially at the hands of companies looking out for their bottom line, not us.

I don't know what commercials you are talking about, I can only guess they are advertising some form of medication. If I am wrong, I apologize. If I am right then you have to accept that manufacturers have the right to do that.

Exercise has been proven to help the progression of Pd, but who can afford to advertise that.

Look at my profile or contact me on my website - and I will try to help you do something different at no cost to yourselves.

The point, though, is that the commercials are based on false statements. Do they really have the right to lie?

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Does the current president of the U.S. have the right to lie? I guess this is why we now have so many people throwing around charges of "fake news" and not being able to trust anyone. For myself, I am trying the high dose thiamine approach to treating PD (early stage). I've read a lot on this forum for 6 most. and trust the integrity of people here.

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"Does the current president of the U.S. have the right to lie? "

What lies???

In my opinion, NO! But you would have to prove that they are lying. It should be followed up and not left to continue unabated. Where do you see these commercials?

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CheriinMI in reply to JohnPepper

John, I am in Northern Michigan.

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We live on opposite sides of the world. I live in South Africa. But wherever we live we have to use our own intelligence to sort out what is honest what what isn't.

I am pretty sure the drug commercial you are referring to is for nuplazid. The FDA it's reinvestigating the safety of this one due to deaths. It already carries a black box warning. Evil company.

This commercial is very upsetting to people with Parkinson's and their caregivers. This is an ongoing topic here. If you really want to do something about it start a movement to boycott this company and their drug.

The commercials were upsetting to me also. Not every PD patient has a problem with hallucinations and delusions. The implication is made, in the commercial, that this is a big problem for PD patients. For some it may be, but not all. Categorizing people in a negative manner like that doesn't help interpersonal relationships. I have complained to companies who have used those commercials, but have not received any satisfactory replies.

In the U.K., drugs aren’t advertised but I have a huge problem with the way the press depicts pwp. There is one scurrilous rag in particular that seems to write articles weekly about what it always refers to as ‘this dreadful disease’, particularly cheering when you are first diagnosed. It seems to seek out celebrities with it so it can write mawkish articles. We know this thing is not a walk in the park, we know it’s tough, we also know we are differently affected at different rates. It is why I am coy about disclosing I have this, um, ‘dreadful disease’, especially as I’m hoping to continue working for as long as I can. While I’m venting, in the clinic I attend to see the pd nurse is a cheery little poster which says, I kid you not, ‘we all deserve a good death. Together, we can achieve it’. It makes me both depressed and angry. I complained, and the nurse went into counsellor mode and said, let’s explore why that makes you angry. Well, I wonder. Possibly because dying never crossed my mind? I thank heavens for this forum where we share our different experiences, triumphs and downers.

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ddmagee1 in reply to stevie3

That poster in the clinic is "inappropriate"! Next time you see the nurse, ask her how she would feel if she were told that she had an incurable disease, and let's not rush the subject of death here at the clinic. It is disturbing and does not necessarily apply to all patients with PD, so please, do us all a favor, and take the "cheery" little poster down!

I know what you mean. I have kept my diagnosis to myself for 5 years. Only shared it with my husband a year ago in a particularly weak moment. Only started to tell grown children and friends in the last month. And now this terrible commercial comes out. I now feel like everyone will be looking at me, just waiting for the signs of my "out there" behaviors. So unfair, when I really need them just to be aware of what Parkinson's people deal with on a daily basis.

I too was very angry the first time I saw that commercial . It made all of us with PD look like zombies with hallucinations . 😡 I know that there are some of us that struggle with them due to the medication we have to take not from the Parkinson’s disease itself. It was such an untrue statement.

Do what I do, change the channel for 60 seconds.

the hallucinations can in fact come from the PD itself, as well as from some meds. I have found that writing in to the company about offensive commercials can have an effect. I suggest all of us write in about this commercial.

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