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Hi, I accidentally found this site this evening; while trying to find out why I have put so much

Weight on and mostly around my waist. I was diagnosed approximately four years ago; however, I was quite ill many years prior and tried desperately to find out what was wrong. My husband of 22 years passed away in 2006 and I remarried my high school sweetheart, and first husband, in 2007. He passed away in 2009 and I had a heart attack in 2010. During this time I was so tired and nauseated, plus, not feeling well at all, plus falling down. Ok, here I am in 2018, and I am struggling to survive with this horrible disease. I have a wonderful neurologist at UCSD

In San Diego, CA, and I see him every three months. I will see him October 18th but I am so excited to find this web site. Reading the letters made me realize I have so much in common with you all and I appreciate any assistance you can provide. For my shaking, I am using marijuana to see if that will help, and, it has; however, the only one that works within an hour is the one called Cloud Buster. They are sublingual strips and are approximately 1” by 1”. I cut them in 1/4’s and hope that will help me. The first time I took the entire strip and I felt a bit high. The strips are not inexpensive either. This was the first purchase and the store sold it for about half the amount it will cost next time. I, in fact, will have to let my cleaning go. I have found it difficult to use my right arm for any length of time. Question: did the Parkinson’s disease hit my right arm because I am right handed? Ok, I think this long enough for now. Thank you for any response and assistance you all may give me.

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Hi Darlene,

Welcome to the forum!

There is a ton of good information here that you will likely find quite useful!

Here is one thread that you can consider in your search for help with your symptoms.


Good luck and good reading!


Exercise is very important also. Try Rock Steady Boxing. It's non-contact and it helps slow the progression. It helps me and many others. It's challenging & fun at the same time. It's only for PwP's so it's like a support group also. rocksteadyboxing.org

PD can show up on either side, no matter which side is dominant.

Good luck & keep fighting!

Greetings. Welcome.

Yes, there is an association between the dominant side showing symptoms 1st, but it does not portend to anything else such as rate of progression so I wouldn't be concerned with why it showed up there 1st. Probably, it'll show up on the other side, too.



There are many knowledgeable people contributing to this forum posting links referencing studies supporting their comments. The best way to use this site is to type keywords in the search window or click on tag words below the posts you’re researching because nearly every question has already been asked and discussed several times and some discussions are more thorough than others. We are all snowflakes so what works for one person may not work for another. That means we all have to go through trial and error to find the best regimen for ourselves.

Best to you.

I am lefty. My tremor side is right. Have lost some coordination and (appears weakened right arm, however it may very well my brain not sending signals). I work out hard twice weekly but cannot get full strength back for past year. I’ve been playing fingerstyle guitar for many years and noticeable weakness and coordination deficit for about 1 year. Use mm (tincture under tongue) for sleep and it works but for me absolutely no help with tremors. Just started challenging Amantadine again without rasagiline and appears to be working but too soon to tell. The combination (for me) of the 2 drugs were throbbing headaches. So far, 1 week, no headaches but I’m only on 1/2 dose. Tremors have decreased (so far) significantly. But again, too soon to tell.

Hi Darlene

Martin from little old England .

I have been on this site for five years now.

I look at it everyday and sift through what I want to read.

Sometimes it gets a it heavy with all these different medication names swirling around.

The people mean well but it starts to get all Googly dook to me especially with the mental limits that us Parkies have.

I like the human stories like yours.

Been through a bit hav'nt you ?

Me too.

My first wife died at 39 . My second wife ran off with her boss and I married again .

She hates being called my carer.


Wow if I spoke like that in Britain the Bobby with the funny hat would come and take me away in his panda car.

Yes British bobbies do have pointed heads.

Being old and having P D lets you get away with loads.

I tried to buy a pint of beer the other day using my bus pass instead of my debit card. Same size.

Keep smiling Darlene.