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Information needed please, my husband 80 has had Parkinsons with dementia for a good number of years, now he is deterioating fast, his speech is impossible to understand, he cannot write due to micrographia, we live in a country who's language he cannot speak, but needs help to make the muscles of the throat work.

Do any of you know of a programme that I could access to help him.

I tried him on Thiamine 200 a day but it seemed to make him worse.

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I am so sorry. Till you can find a speech therapist perhaps you can have him read anything if he is able to. A book, a newspaper, out loud even if you can't understand him if he can maybe do it for 5-10 minutes a day, I think it would help. Sending good thoughts your way. If at all possible try to have him read as loud as he can.

I am also 80 with PD and have problems with my voice. I have found that singing or attempting to sing is helpful. I am fortunate in that there is an elderly persons choir within 15 minutes and is tolerant of singing quality. I find that my 1.5 hours a week help and also lighten my mood when we have been singing some of the good tuneful oldies. We also perform as a choir each year for a public paying audience but for me it is the effort of singing that helps.

Sorry to hear this. On YouTube there are some posts about voice therapy for Parkinson's. Google can also help you to locate them.

Thank you, I had not thought about googling the problem.

Hi Tamarisk, There's a therapy called "Big and Loud" which focuses on retraining the brain through loud voice and big movements. There are PT clinics (here) which offer it without insurance. Even if it's not available where you are, maybe you could find examples of what to do on YouTube or online. Someone came and demonstrated at our local Parkinson's group, and there were people who said it'd made a difference.

I will investigate, we live in Spain hence the language difficulties for him, but therapy has not been offered even if available, thank you.

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