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I've attached a link to a You Tube video by Dr. John Gray of the "Mars vx Venus" book. He was diagnosed with "pre-Parkinson's" and cured himself. I've seen alot of comments on this site about Mucuna Puriens but nothing about the other supplements needed to take with it. Also, this says to NOT take Carbidop/Levadopa with it.

Anyone seen this before or have some feedback for me?

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There is a lot of people on this forum with a lot of knowledge about carbidopa/levodopa and Mucuna Pruriens. A lot of PWP who are already taking C/L therapy began taking MP in order to reduce their dosage of Sinemet and when they do that, they are taking both at the same time. I don't know of any studies or explanations as to why you can't take both at the same time. You simply have to be careful about how much MP you're taking and what percent of it is L-dopa. I believe there's controversy and confusion around the issue of 98% to 100% pure L-dopa extract from MP. I have been of the impression, but I'm often wrong, that if its pure L-dopa, it's not Mucuna, it's L-dopa. MP is typically 15 or 20% L-dopa although you can buy it with up to 40% L-dopa. In other words, if you taking 25/100 of C/L pill and you take 100 mg of pure L-dopa, you end up with 200 mg of L-dopa. Not a good strategy to reduce your dose of Sinemet.

I've never heard of a diagnosis called "pre-Parkinson's." Personally, I believe John Gray made up that term so he could claim he cured himself with the implication being that he cured himself of Parkinson's - which he never had.

In my humble opinion, you should beware of anyone who uses the word "cure" and the word "Parkinson's" in the same sentence, much less adding the third word "supplements," especially if they want you to buy something. You can trust me on this one, if John Gray's potion cured Parkinson's, every person on this forum would know about it. Pre-Parkinson's is not thing, so it shouldn't be too difficult to cure yourself of it. We all have Parkinson's before the symptoms show up, but I've never heard it called pre-Parkinson's. It's called Parkinson's.

I don't have pre-Parkinson's either. I used to have it, but then I had a glass of water and now I don't.

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Xenos in reply to MBAnderson

Great post MBAnderson...

Wow that's extremely interesting to say the least! Thanks for the video

Wow, I finally know what mucuna puriens are and only after 2 years. who said I was slow?

Serenity, please don't take this guy seriously. You're much too nice a person.

People, people, people … Say it ain’t so.

John Gray is a fraud.

Why pay attention to what somebody says after they said they’ve cured Parkinson’s?

Just because he’s a fraud, doesn’t mean much of what he said is not true -- but that doesn’t make him any less a fraud.

From Wikipedia;

“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (1992[1]) is a book written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray, after he had earned degrees in meditation and taken a correspondence course in psychology.

John Gray was ... not actually the recipient of a real doctorate.”

John Gray claims to have gotten a PhD from Commonwealth Public University.

“In December 1999, the Marin County Superior Court ordered CPU to cease operations within the state. And on February 21, 2001, the judge denied further appeals and entered a final judgement ordering CPU to:

•Pay a civil penalty of $10,000 to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education for violating Sections 17200 et seq. and Sections 17500 et seq. of the California Business and Professions Code

•Permanently stop operating or offering any educational programs in California

•Notify all students enrolled from June 25, 1977 to December 1, 2000 of the injunction and of their right to a refund

•Provide refunds to all students within 30 days of their request

•Provide a status report to the Court by June 30, 2001.

CPU has moved to Missoula, Montana, changed its name to Commonwealth Pacific University, and remains in business. Its web site is silent on the California order.”

“So, armed with the power to meditate and a mail-order Ph.D., “Dr.” Gray builds his empire and sells his snake oil to the vulnerable. “


“The relationship guru who constantly promotes himself as ‘Dr. John Gray’ and lists a ‘Ph.D.’ has only one accredited degree, a high school diploma. Neither his BA nor his MA is from an accredited institution of higher education.”

Rich Bernstein the CEO of John Gray's Mars Venus was sentenced on May 14, 2012 for Securities Fraud a felony. This is the 2nd Felony Conviction for Mr. Bernstein where he previously did time in Terminal Island Prison. Although John Gray came to Bernstein's defense to help exonerate him it had little effect during Bernstein's sentencing. This conviction comes on the heals after the arrest was uncovered of another executive of Mars Venus, Scott Lippitt who was criminally charged and convicted for attempting to have sex with a minor. Mr. Lippitt is now listed as a registered sex offender. The court minutes of Bernstein's arrest are below.

there are even reports that he didn’t even write the book that it was written by Madison Avenue advertising company.

I could go on and on, the research is all over the Internet, but I got more important things to do - laundry

I think John Gray is full of malarkey.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but John Gray's super milkshake powder is only $226 for 25 ounces.

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