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I'm John, 72, diagnosed with pd 15 years ago.

Treatment at present is Stalevo 150 at 0700, 0900, 1200, 1500,1800 and 2100.

Also take Madopar 1 tablet 50 mg MR at 2200

and Rotigitine 8mg or 6mg patch at 1900.

Problem is our main meal is at 2000. It's usually large but non-protein.

I've noticed I'm much less effective after 2100 but during the last week

I've gone into complete shutdown after 2100. Cannot move at all.

Anybody had this sort of thing with meal timings?

My wife loves to cook and its just about the last social thing we do.

Having a sandwich wouldn't be the same!!

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i take my sinemet doses 30 minutes before i eat, and breakfast & lunch are small - medium sized meals with no protein. the sinemet doses following those meals are at least 1 hr after eating. i take my last dose of sinemet at 6pm, have a large protein meal after 6:30, and am in bed by 8 or 9. taking another dose would be ineffective due to the protein and fat, and the large quantity of food. i love to cook & eat, too, so i hate this diet & meal timing issue. no snacking,no testing while things are cooking, and i would really love a big dagwood sandwich for lunch!

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I have a lot of problems with food affecting my meds. Not only protein and how close the food is to meds but even if I separate the food and meds by a lot but have a big meal it still can make them not work. So lately I’ve been eating very small meals in between meds. I really would like a big steak dinner but then I will pay for it the rest of the day and sometimes the next day too.

Hi. I talk to Phamacy she sayed if I eat 3. Oz at lunch. 3 oz at dinner. All should be good. I mean protein. She sayed no. More than 6 oz a day.

Yes meals or snacks is more like it and my meds don't mix. If I eat 1/2 hour after taking a dose I swear the food pulls out the absorbed medications from my system. I usually eat when I'm "on" after a dose which could be an hour later. By the time I'm done eating another dose is soon to follow and that dose takes forever to absorb. A big meal will take three hours for me. This is the worst problem for me.

2000 is late depending on when you bed for the night. I can''t sleep when I'm "off" so I stop eating after 1800 and if I haven't eaten diner yet my stomach is empty when I sleep. I need to build a schedule soon. Maybe double dosing before meals. This coming Thanksgiving will probably be the first that I don't finish my plate.

It just has to be timing and meal size. I had a double quarter pounder with fries for lunch yesterday and that took four hours before meds would work.

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