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It is a matter of thinking +ve, I did, results 5* !!!


I am 71 and a bit years old and was diagnosed a year or maybe 2 ago. Found it excruciating painful to accept but having a super positive wife helped me to take an optimistic attitude. I suffered many a fall not realizing '' I am a Parkinsonian '', today was not like yesterday, limitations tightened. While seeing the neurologist I who found hard to walk, began a steady, reverend exercise regime thanks to my youth in

a boarding school. I began, one step at a time, progressed to 55x250 a day + exercises but not any bending forward as I have a tendency to be thrown /pushed forward.

In our diet we use coconut oil & shavings on a regular basis, a life long and a cultural mainstay. Last time I saw my general physician, I was so upbeat, he remarked, '' folks who didn't know of your illness would find it hard to believe.'' Shall share more of the same with my fellow Parkinsonians in my next mail.''

'' Life is too short to let ANY illness pull one down, be positive, 1/2 the battle is won !! "

BJ 5.04 am sl 21/02/16

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Thank you!!

For sharing your positive attitude with us!!!

It is the only way to go!!

Blessings from Eva G.


Bandula in reply to 12stargate

Appreciated !

I really wish I could jump UP ! Well, not possible and it is frustrating but I shall try and try ! Falling is one thing it is the inability to lift myself up on to my feet, I always needed my wife to hoist me up and that is one heck of a job, must say, poor girl. Falling incidents diminished when I established

a mind set, watch it boy, it is not yesterday !

Have a nice day all who read this, I've just stared mine !!

ta taa ! bj 20/02/16 sl.

Raissakagan in reply to Bandula

Positive attitude has such a big impact on my PD. The most annoying symptom I have is high tonus of the muscles in my right leg and foot.

In a last few weeks I was doing daily an hour of reading a book on CBT and 30 min meditation.

High painful tonus is gone- at least for now.

I think daily sessions in the gym according to John Pepper program also helps me to stay positive and unmedicated for long 7.5 years since diagnosis.

John is coming to Melbourne next week to give talks and I am so excited about his coming that have almost forgotten about my old companion (PD)!

I hope I would learn new tools and faith that I can win the battle!


It's the repetitive thing, Moon believes. Days when he does not walk he puts a can of soup in each hand and lifts them to shoulder level 50 times per arm. When his shoulders ache from the dampness on a rainy day, he will hold on to a ballet bar and swing each leg 50 times......sometimes morning noon and night. Yes he still works on the little trailers like in the picture, but for shorter duration of garage time, more naps. He is maybe 20 years now, with DBS 6 years ago.

yes i can see where you are coming from, i find it very difficult to walk in a straight line.

you are very lucky you have a understanding wife, mine left me after thirty years, I am staying positive

Hi Huskymitch. How old are you, If I may ask? How fit are you? It makes no difference how old you are, you can always try to get fit again, unless you have something else that prevents you from doing so.

Try to start the habit of walking as FAST AS YOU CAN, for at least 10 minutes every 2nd day. If you can't manage 10 minutes then try 5. Then after every second week try doing it for an extra 5 minutes and walk for another 2 weeks at the new time. Every 2nd week thereafter add on another 5 minutes. When you get to one hour, you can stop increasing the time. Then try to walk faster every time you walk. You may only be walking one kilometre in 10 minutes or even more, but that does not matter. See how fast you can do it.

Write down your times in a book after every walk. You will see how much fitter and heathier you become. Then talk to me again. Don't ever walk fast every day, you will get serious injuries. Don't walk for more than 1 hour, it won't do you any more good.


Hi everyone try dancing it is very important. Moving with music. Tempo.i take 4capsules of mucuna prureians 1 evry 4 hours geel better in the morning not so at evning

Hi Bandula. As they say in Oz, "Good on ya mate" . Keep up the positive thinking an dstop trying to find what others can do for you, you have to do it all yourself.


Ah a person after my own heart. ps I cannot recommend coconut oil and magnesium oil spray highly enough to people with PD!!!

"Here's my message to everyone out there affected by this disease:

Don't let them tell you there is no hope. Don't let them tell you the dream is over. Let's dream again. Dream on.

Don't let them tell your life is a downwards spiral from now on. Don't let them take the rest of your life. Let's stop dying inside. Live again and live on.

If you want something to live for, a dream of achievement to focus on, something to work towards, then here is an undeniable truth. The human brain and body are capable of incredible self-healing and the power of human will pushes every boundary of what's possible every single day. With a positive mind and empowering knowledge, anything can happen.!"

from my own article

please tell me what is shavings and how much coconut oil

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