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Shoulder replacement!

Hi everyone. I have been suffering with joint pain and bone spurs since my 40's. I'm 63 now and have had both knees replaced and my left hip. Now I'm going for a right shoulder replacement.

I would like to hear how other people have dealt with this surgery.

I need info on how to live with arthritis everyday.

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Do you have osteoarthritis or RA or both? Either will cause deterioration & erosion of the joints. I'm 61 & I have both. My hips & knees are bad & im probably going to need joint replacement within a couple of years. Not looking forward to it. I'm sorry you're going through this. Not fun.


Leighbe & tselph, here's a couple of forums to check in meantime (search results for "shoulder replacement") till you hear from folks here:


• Arthritis Action:


Wishing you both the very best. 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞

Kind regards, ☺️




I was diagnosed with RA awhile ago and I just turned 30. And I have severe inflammation as well. The doctor told me that my cartilage was wearing out too so I can relate a little. I am in constant pain everyday. I hope and pray that it gets better for u. Through all of this that's really all we can do .☹️

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