New Seropositive RA diagnosis

I am 54 years old, diagnosed May 2017. About to start methotrexate this week, and I'm very heartened by hearing that some people have had good results with splitting doses over 24 hour period! I've switched to a mostly vegan diet and I've been trying CBD oil for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Check this out:

Not sure yet about what's working and what isn't...

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  • Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada is doing a double blinded study on cannabis & RA. This study is supported by Health Canada and Arthritis Society of Canada.

  • Thank you!!

  • I have been injecting Rasuvo ( methotrexate injectable) little to no side effects I'm up and running by 2pm next day. Mild nausea, but i drink ginger tea and take a sleep aid.

    Now I'm on Otrexup injection also methotrexate, less side effects and I'm also on Humira no side effects

  • I hope all went well with your first MTX dose. Take it easy, don't do too much, get plenty of rest. Make sure to eat a good meal with each dose. I am seeking any and all holistic remedies so thank you for the link. Let us know how you are doing. Take care, Penny

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