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Hello everyone. For anyone who has read my posts you will know that I have followed a plant-based diet to enable my recovery. Last weekend I was invited to speak at the Oxford Vegan Festival on the subject. Since no video recording was done I have tried to capture it on my computer with a voice-over. If you are interested it is on youtube

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  • Hi. I read your post on the lupus recovery diet and wanted to contact you. I Was diagnosed 4 years ago with ra, lupus and hypothyroidism, I bought the lupus recovery diet but never read it, until 8 weeks ago. in February my body completely crashed a CR P of 95 ,and I couldn't hardly move. I was so bad had to give up my business and borrow money. II was willing to do anything to get back my life. I was stuck on the sofa unable to move and I decided to read the lupus recovery diet. After after reading the authors story and the other recovery stories. I would now do a totally plant based diet. I have followed this diet. I had a Reumatology appointment last week. I now have a CPR of 30. I no longer have hypothyroidism or lupus!!!! And the consultant said if my CRP is under 10 on my next appointment in September I will be declared clear of RA. I will no longer have to go back to the hospital, but I can attend the GP on a 'needs' basis. Terri

  • Hi Terri, thank you so much for the feedback, it is exactly why I did the video. Here's to your health continuing to improve :-)

    For anyone it just shows what can be done with determination. And when the doctor's, rheumies, dieticians and charities say "stick to a Mediterranean diet", just tell them that diet is good for people without RA or similar conditions. Add that on the contrary, many (and I would argue most) people with RA etc need something else, something like a plant-based etc etc.

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