Doctor from hell

So had my 1st Rheumatologist appointment in 2yrs and was pretty darn excited- until he walked in. He didn't introduce himself and sat down and asked why I was there. He read my past history and notes and asked super accusatory questions. He touched the joints in my hands and ankle and then decided I didn't have RA. I was ready to cry so my husband jumped in and started telling the Dr about ALL my symptoms- how I can barely move from the pain and swelling or how I can't hold things or cook dinner sometimes because the pain in my wrists and hands, or how the stiffness in the morning takes me a good half hour to stand completely upright... THEN the Dr decided to send me for some blood tests and X-rays!? I feel like I have already been fighting this disease do I really have to be treated like a lying hypochondriac?! Did he think I was going to walk in there all inflamed? I was having a good day- didn't have a flare up until that evening. I am SO frustrated!! He made me doubt my sanity and my primary Dr not to mention the other rheumatologist I saw for a hot minute before we moved out of state a year and a half ago. I am going back on the 20th for the results but Doctors like this should be ashamed. A blood test can be wrong and X-rays HOPEFULLY don't show any real damage yet!! Isn't that the point of catching RA early?! I already have another Dr picked out... Have you all had this issue before? How many damn hoops do I have to jump through?!

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  • Yes I feel your pain My Dr doesn't even diagnosis me with Ra well it like it,but it's extream artritris of the joint autoimmune disorder inflammation. What! Oh and I was positive for Lupos but she can't diagnose me either cause my kidneys are good and my heart are not affected. So yes that just give you medication until the one that may work cause for me it been suffering for a year and My muscle got weaker I had gain 35 pound due to the steroids. And I still get flare up and I still in pain and it I stop the predinose my joint pain got worse. Yup it feel alone just find a Dr until I get your answer

  • I am so glad your husband was there. I would find another doctor. Is there another one in the group? I don't care how great he may be, but he was so out of line to treat you the way he did and to diagnose you just by touching you? Does he think he is God??? Get a copy of the results and find another doctor. Hugs. I am so sorry you were treated this way. I have had RA for 14+ years and this summer I am moving 100 miles away from where I live now. There are doctors there but I have great doctors, so great that I am tempted to drive the 100 miles to see them. I hope you find a better doctors.

  • Getting a good rheumatologist is essential----don't give up! Ask around, ask your primary for another referral. I didn't find a good one til my 3rd try. And yes, lab results and xrays can be negative/normal for years before they change. After 11 years (or more) of symptoms my ANA was finally abnormal.

  • Sometimes with all the negative results or results being "on the low end" of abnormal it makes me feel like why are we still doing test after test?! So frustrating but necessary. Sometimes I want to get in an MRI machine and yell "see anything weird?" I am looking forward to the validation of a diagnosis- whatever it may be...

  • Fire him now!!! I've been down that road before and I wouldn't put up with that for a minute. You are in enough pain and don't need added stress to your R/A, it will only lead to more flare ups. Get out the phone book, call a friend, but find another Rheumatoligist. I've gotten rid of them in the past. It's your health at stake here, make the call, you'll be glad you did. I found out there are good ones out there. Keep Looking Up!!! Blessings.

  • Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience, but some doctors think they're better than the rest of us...

    I was diagnosed at age 12 (44 now) and had to switch doctors a lot due to moving a lot. And it can take some hit and miss experiences.

    Do not doubt yourself or your primary Doctor. If this one is a jerk, look for another one.

    Best of luck! ❤️

  • Thanks everyone for all the positive words! It really helps to have other RA-ers back me up :) I am seeing my PPO today to get another referral so hope the next Dr will be helpful - I am tired of the pain

  • I am so sorry to hear and wish you didn't have that very awful experience. He here are many good ones out there too. My first rheumy was doubtful since likev you i was having a good day. but with my parents sitting with me I was put on the right track. I'm sure you will get positive help soon. My dr just put rheumatoid on my chart two months ago, as I've had psoriatic arthritis for many years and now have heart and lung damage. I stayed on low dose methotrexate for 15 years with much improvement. Let us know how your appt. Is today, take care.

  • Pretty Panda

    I am sorry that you were treated this way. Some doctors can be down right rude, I know cause I have had to endure years of mistreatment by more doctors than you can shake a stick at(& I wish our disease of RA upon them because of being treated like a a cry baby!) This is a mean & spiteful accusation but it would be fitting 😡

    Look for another doctor & never let a medical professional treat you like that again ☮🌹

  • So I let my PPO know how awful my Rheumatologist appointment went and she made a note to never refer anyone else to him; at least I can save someone else the headache! I have an appointment pending in a few weeks with a new Rheumatologist who has great reviews I hope he can better help me. Blood tests and X-rays will be back by the time I have my new appointment so hopefully I can move FORWARD!! My PPO told me she will do whatever she can to get me to the right specialist. I just want to feel better so I can take good care of my little toddler :) he is the brightest spot of any day and I want to play and run and move around with him. Thanks to you all for so much support!!

  • I am so happy for you that you are getting a new doctor. I wish you all the best for this new doctor and please let us know how things go. Hugs, Denise

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