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I was diagnosed with ra two years ago this month. My labs at that time measured an ra factor of 88 (14 and below is normal). I'm on methotexate and plaquinel. I've not had a flare since may. My questions are: why am I always in pain and periods of prednisone help to aleve some of it . 2nd; why continued pain and swelling when I'm not in a flare? I've been advised by my ra that it's time for humera. 3rd she said my labs do not show markers of inflammation. What's are the markers? I have a great ra that I can ask these questions but they don't occur to me until I've left her office. From your experiences, have any of you been given answers?

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I'm sorry you are still having problems with your RA. I know for myself, I am seronegative and have never shown elevated C-reactive protein, sed rate or rheumatoid factor even when my joints were grossly swollen and red. I can have any combination of pain/fatigue/redness/swelling or stiffness- all with negative results. I did have a ferritin level of 3 (normal range 50-200), which is also an acute phase reactant. There are no rules with how RA is allowed to be. There are generalizations and a list of how it might or usually behaves. Most of it is a clinical judgment call by an experienced rheumatologist. If you have specific questions, maybe you can use a patient portal (I.e. MyChart) and message your doctor. Maybe you can call the office and talk to the doctor or a nurse educator. Just some ideas, as that is what I have done when things came up inbetween appointments. I hope this helps.


Auntneesy, I always write things down on a list of questions to ask my rheumy and take it with me when I see him. That helps me not forget. You can also put them on your phone if you have a smart phone. I too, always have pain somewhere. I'm on methotrexate & Humira. I'm not responding well to the Humira but I keep interrupting my scheduled injections because of infections or getting sick. Right now I'm fighting that respiratory crud that's going around. I did get a flu shot so I don't have it as bad as some do, but none the less, still sick & had to stop my Meds so my body could fight it off. Good luck & God Bless!


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