Is my Reumy doing enough?

So i am only a few months in but curious if I should find a new Rheumy each time i go in all that is done is feeling and visually inspecting my joints. No information has been provided to me by my doctor unless it is side effects of meds, no scans, and when i asked her for a note for my employer it felt like she down played it by saying i could not stand for long periods of time because i was under her care and had arthritis. RA is far from regular arthritis. What is common in the first few months of diagnosis am i getting good care?

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  • Welcome Ladypandabear! I was diagnosed less than six months ago myself, so I don't have all the answers. I know that most of the meds take up to six months to reach full efficacy, although prednisone works pretty fast for short term in the meantime. My experience is that rheumys tend to give you some info but prefer to not overload. This is the same stepwise approach they use with tests. Autoimmune diseases are notorious for being sneaky. They never play by the book--there isn't a usual course and everyone has there own presentation. Only you can decide if you want to switch to a different doctor. My suggestion would be to learn all you can from reliable sources, do what your doctor has suggested (provided that you are being treated aggressively once diagnosis is made) and search this site to see if others have answered your questions. If not, ask. Feel free to vent, ask for support and even share your victories here. I hope that helps. If you still have questions, ask me or anyone else.


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