Hi there, this is my first time writing, I was diagnosed wi RA almost a year ago, but had been in pain for about 2yrs before diagnosis, I've noticed in the past months my emotional and mental health has changed, I often feel depressed and hopeless about my condition and my pain. I'm on several meds, I asked the dr for pain meds and he's reluctant, stating that what I'm on should help with inflammation, which in turn should help my pain.

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  • Hi there it's a frustrating time when you can no longer do things you used to be able to do but keep chin up , I'd go back and insist on more meds to stabilise your condition things will get better but it can take a wee while to get the the right combination off meds that suit because everyone's different, hope you feel better soon xxx

  • So frusterating isn't it when your doctor says "...should help your pain..." I've been there and suffered needlessly....Please keep taking your RA meds and seek a 2nd opinion on painkillers. You need & deserve painkillers until the RA meds "kick in".

  • BALONEY!!!!!!

    No one should have to experience pain!!!

    This is the 21st Century, for gosh sakes. You are paying this doctor. Ask for pain meds and if you don't get a script go somewhere else- a teaching hospital ( state run). I take Tramadol HCL 50 mg as needed.


  • I know, I feel like I'm asking for something I shouldn't. A friend gave me tramadol 50 mg I take it every once in a while when I can't take it no more

  • Does tramadol really work? When I read what it treats it scared me. Seizures was one of the things so I didn't take it

  • I finally got some prescribed, it works for me, I try to take it once a day only, but it helps me a lot!

  • Sorry, but that's a ridiculous thing for him to say. If you have pain, which we all do to some extent or another, you should be given pain meds to relieve it. I'd suggest finding another doctor, or getting a referral to a pain specialist. Don't give up.

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