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Feeling Great!!!

Hi all. I cannot believe that I am feeling so good. I started out doing the "Paddison Program", about a month ago, which has totally stopped my pain and flares, and I'm now doing "The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)", by Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt. The changes I've made are all about the food I am putting in my body. No preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, grass fed and wild caught meats, lots of AIP approved veggies and of course no nightshade veggies. It is hard sometimes because I had to give up many of the foods that I love, but it is totally worth not having to be in horrible pain!! I am ready to move my cane, walker and crutches to the garage for storage, hoping I never have to use them again! Currently I am not taking ANY NSAIDs or any prescribed RA meds. What an answer to prayer. I thank you God for putting me on this path to healing! Also go check out the series Betrayal by Dr. Tom O'Bryan. You'll have to google it if this link doesn't work:

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I so agree with the nutritional approach in treating RA. I too eat fruits, verges, protein only. No sugar which is a real catalyst for,inflammation. Nothing white... if I do eat wrong I feel it within 30 minutes. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you! I know what you mean, I tried to bring some half-and-half back to my eating regimen and I got so sick I will not do that again! It's not worth it It!!!


That is wonderful news, Kiddykat!!! Congratulations on getting your RA under control. That is pretty amazing. It's amazing to suddenly feel good when you have felt so poorly in the past, isn't it?

I'm not on Paddison, but Keto is pretty close to the same thing I think. I just don't eat tomatoes because they are higher in carbs.

Again, congratulations. I love that you are moving your walking things to storage...

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Thank you for sharing this video!!