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Seeking employment ideas that will be easier on my body

I am in pain daily working as a cashier since i am new to being diagnosed my doctor is starting me off on low dose hydrochloride and steroids until it has a chance to work. The steroids are not helping and i know it is time to make a career change. I am looking for ideas from others suffering on a daily basis on what field i can go in to that can transfer back to a small town as i plan on moving back home from the city. I am not ready to stop working if i can help it

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To stay functional I have to limit all weight-bearing activity every day. Walking is difficult, but standing is absolutely brutal. If I try to stand for long periods it will cause a serious flair.

If you brought in a doctors note, would your employer allow you to sit on a stool while you run the cash register?


My employer has been working with me i even have a stool however with all the cleaning/stocking that needs to be done it makes each shift unbearable between my feet and hands hips and shoulders I just want to sleep away the pain when i get home


Steroids are for a short time. Blood tests prove things out. I'm on methotrexate. With folic acid. I would get a desk job where you can sit and move around when you need too


OMG I can so relate with you! I was diagnosed with aggressive RA 5 months ago. I work in retail and have worked retail for more than 30yrs. I had to go to part time because I couldn't do the longer shifts anymore. I was started out on methetrexate pills, folic acid daily and 1 meloxicam daily. This was doing well after 3 months, that's how long to kick in, so I started picking up a few more hours, especially since Holiday season. Then the pills were not holding me through the week and once again was in flare ups. I was then put on the methetrexate injections 2 weeks ago and it will be a couple of weeks for that to kick in. Had to leave work early the other day and call out yesterday because of flare up in knee. Could hardly walk. Better today but these pens cost a lot of money and don't think I can afford them even with medicare. Yes I am working and collecting. My rheumatologist giving me samples for next 2 weeks while she figures something else out. This disease is hideous because every time you have to change med, there is a time element involved as to when it will start to take effect and this plays havoc with your job. Good luck, this forum is great and people are very willing to share their experiences.


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